What to Expect

Kids Love Acupuncture!

Many adults can't believe that I treat children with acupuncture. They can't believe children will allow me to treat them with needles, let alone enjoy it. Here is what to expect during a treatment.

As soon as your child walks in, they will realize it is not your typical doctor's office. The environment is relaxed, calm and quiet, and with toys to play. I will always greet your child first. Parents, on the first visit, it is always advised to fill out your paperwork before hand. (You can download the forms in our New Patient Center, or we will mail them to you).

During Treatment

A detailed health history is taken and current complaint. After discussion and demonstrating the treatment to your child, one or more of the following modalities will typically be used: Acupuncture, Microcurrent, Cold Laser, Tui-Na Massage, Herbal Medicine recommendations, or Dietary Modifications.

I spend about 30 minutes with my pediatric patients, but most of that time is spent discussing the problem and offering solutions. Actual treatment takes between 2-10 minutes.

Children Vs. Adult Acupuncture Treatment

Pediatric acupuncture is much different than treatment for adults. Children have very different body constitutions and energetics than adults, and typically respond to treatment much faster. Having the needles in a long time is not necessary to get improvements. Treatments are customized to each child's temperament and specific needs. All aspects of a child's health are taken into consideration including: physical, nutritional, environmental, mental and emotional well-being. Many children who come to see us have had negative experiences with needles and doctors in the past. As a child will usually be seeing me quite often for some issues, trust and willingness is important. I will never trick, or pressure a child to do something they are uncomfortable with. I have many ways to treat a child besides acupuncture. But eventually, most children will agree to try "Taps".


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  • "You helped me rehab from my hip replacement. I can now work full time and I never thought I would be able to work again. It has been a joy to experience the care you have given me"
    Christine J.