Cupping, Moxa, Herbs, Cold Laser

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is an ancient technique traditional to many cultures. It is used for gentle detox, increasing circulation, releasing muscle tension, increasing muscle function and energy. We use it for fevers, colds, sports injuries, cancer support(fatigue), fibromyalgia, aches and pains. It creates a suction of the underlying tissues and can leave nice circular marks on the skin. (interesting note: Olympian Michael Phelps made Olympic headlines with his marks).


Moxabustion uses the herb Mugwort, formed into a stick and then heated. We use it for warming and tonifying certain acupuncture points. Patients usually enjoy the warmth and find it very relaxing. We mainly use it at our clinic for sprains, pain issues and infertility. "My personal favorite use of Moxa? Turning a breech baby using moxa " -Vicki Skinner L.Ac

Cold Laser

New to our clinic, is the use of Lasers. Laser acupuncture uses low-power laser light at specific wavelengths to stimulate acupuncture points and bring about effects similar to traditional needle acupuncture. It is pain-free and produces no sensation or heat. While needles remain inserted for 15-30 minutes, Lasers take seconds. Published scientific studies show laser acupuncture is effective for a wide range of issues: Hiccups, Bedwetting, Weight Loss, Post-operative nausea, Pain control, Surgical Pain, Dental Pain, Carpal Tunnel and More. We also use this frequently with Kids.

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  • "You helped me rehab from my hip replacement. I can now work full time and I never thought I would be able to work again. It has been a joy to experience the care you have given me"
    Christine J.